Recitation | Qur’an

وَإِذا جاءَكَ الَّذينَ يُؤمِنونَ بِآياتِنا فَقُل سَلامٌ عَلَيكُم ۖ كَتَبَ رَبُّكُم عَلىٰ نَفسِهِ الرَّحمَةَ ۖ أَنَّهُ مَن عَمِلَ مِنكُم سوءًا بِجَهالَةٍ ثُمَّ تابَ مِن بَعدِهِ وَأَصلَحَ فَأَنَّهُ غَفورٌ رَحيمٌ

When those who have faith in Our signs come to you, say, ‘Peace be with you! Your Lord has made mercy incumbent upon Himself: whoever of you commits a wrong out of ignorance and then repents after that and reforms, then He is indeed Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful.’ Surah al-An’am verse 54

Reciter: Ghasem Moghadami, full recitation:

Scribbling | As we approach these last ten nights, the most sacred portion of Ramadan, I feel it more urgent a task to think about the Qur’an – what it is, and how I should read it. Sometimes a moving recitation opens some streams of thought… The reciter’s voice and demeanor is given to the weight of Divine Speech. Every word has been, after all, chosen by God. Its words direct his voice at times to sobriety, other times to humility and compassion. We come to know our own position, ourselves, before the Divine. We utter who we truly are. Miserably limited and needy, yet deeply free and full when recollected in the mirror of God’s words.

In carrying out the intricacies of these words and sentences, perhaps our often stuttering tongues, hearts too can learn to ‘speak’.


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